Yo. I'm Noah Levenson. I'm a writer and film director. I'm the former Editorial Director of MTV2, where I oversaw the reinvention of the channel and helped break ratings records. Before that, I was a writer and director at MTV.

I also wrote humor books. I'm the author of Guy Code: Unleash Your Manhood and I was a contributing joke writer for Girl Code: A Single Girl's Guide to Sex and Dating, both published by MTV Books and available at Urban Outfitters.

I'm a McSweeney's contributor.

My short films have won at least one Vimeo Staff Pick and have been showcased on the Black List.

I was born in New York City and I still live there and it still rules.

email: noahlevenson [at] gmail [dot] com
twitter: @noahlevenson

Chillr (www.chillr.net)

Press: The Daily Dot, the Black List, Booooooom, The World's Best Ever, Bustle


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